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Consider a Speaking Opportunity

Here’s a tip to help your practice reach new patients. Consider having the physicians in your office speak at local community centers. Speaking engagements are a powerful, effective way to reach and educate new patients in a personal setting. Contact local retirement communities to make yourself available for lectures to residents. Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, […]

Staying in Touch = More Referrals

A practice can spend thousands of dollars to attract the right referrals.  Then they treat them with the latest technologies and quality care only to allow them to leave the practice without any follow up communication.  Newsletters, surveys, and articles of interest to your patients keep your practice “top of mind” with your former patients…those […]

Declining Patient Numbers & Your Bottom Line

David Gans, MSHA, Vice President of Innovation & Research at the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)  published an interesting article (“When patient volume decreases, bad things happen – quickly”) in the July issue of MGMA Connexion where he calculates the bottom line effect to a medical practice owner’s profit when patient volume decreases. The study […]

Endear Yourself to Your Referral Sources

If you’re a specialty medical practice, your referral sources cannot be underestimated. The same rules that apply to other businesses apply to your practice: it costs as much as 5x more to gain new business than to keep existing business. Keeping your practice “top of mind” with your referral sources is key to maintaining a […]

Promote Your Ancillary Services

According to the  Medical Group Management Association’s (MGMA) 2008 annual Cost Survey Report (and what we’ve seen at our clients), many physicians are battling declining reimbursements by bringing ancillary services into their practices. Promoting your practice and its services to your referral sources and your patients is a good idea. If you don’t, you can […]

Make Your Practice More Inviting

Making your medical practice as welcoming as possible seems like common sense, but many practices believe they don’t have the time or staff available to make this a priority. We have some simple, practical tips that you can use now to warm up your practice: Make your waiting room more homey and less clinical-looking with […]