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Mind Your Manners: Say Thank You to Your Referral Sources

Here’s a quick tip to endear you to your referral sources: Invest in high quality note cards embossed with your practice logo for fast and sincere thank you notes to new referral sources. Pen a note of sincere appreciation from you and your staff.  This personal touch will speak volumes about you and your practice. […]

Quick Tip: Invite Your Friends Over

Doctors – here’s a quick tip that’s likely to increase your referrals. Invite your referral sources to your practice to view your procedures, surgery, newest capability, or equipment. Referral sources love to be a part of the solution. Many have not had the opportunity to view the procedures you are performing for them and this […]

More on “Mystery Patients”

A couple weeks ago, we posted a tip about using a “mystery shopper” to objectively evaluate your practice. Here’s some more information about why you should consider this and what they can evaluate for you. There’s a common theory in business that says for every one client complaint you hear about, there are actually 14 […]

Nurturing Referral Relationships

Are physician-to-physician meetings effective in driving referrals? We hear from many physicians that they have personally met with their referral sources in an effort to improve communication, build relationships, and drive referrals. When we ask them, “how many times have you met with them?” They usually reply: “once or twice.” We then ask: “How many […]

Think About Your Web Presence (and Twitter)

Back in April, my health insurance changed and I had to select a new primary care doctor. Where to start? I skimmed through my provider’s online director of PCPs, overwhelmed at the prospect of choosing a random physician with no information other than a name and a location. So how did I choose? I found […]

Need Convincing? Why Market Your Practice in the First Place

We’ve run into more than a few physicians who don’t see the value of marketing their practice, who think it’s going to make them see less credible in the eyes of their colleagues, etc. To that we say: think about marketing simply as a way to educate the community about yourself, your specialty, and your […]

Make Promotional Items Work for You

Here’s a follow-up to something I mentioned in an article a few weeks ago. I pointed out that “branded” promotional items can help you endear your practice to your referral sources. Sure, these items are things that drug companies used to deliver to your office by the case load, but they don’t need to be […]

Quick Tip: Get Objective Feedback on Your Practice

Practice administrators — consider a bi-yearly “mystery shopper” for your practice. It’s the same concept that’s used in the retail world. A mystery shopper provides you with an objective, anonymous assessment of your staff from the patient’s perspective. Research shows that 87% of patients leave a practice due to “feeling that the staff doesn’t care,” […]

Try Targeted Mailers

Are you looking to spice up your direct mail campaigns? Try symptom-specific mailings. We know from experience that these are highly effective when marketing to the general public. Work with your marketing team to develop mailers that are specific to the symptoms of the ailments you treat. Make them education and make sure there is […]

Solicit Feedback from Referrers, Patients, and Employees

If you aren’t surveying your referrers, patients (past and current), and employees, you’re missing out on information critical to the success of your practice. When you take the time to listen to these important groups, you’ll not only gain valuable insights about your practice – you’ll also enhance these relationships. Give them a chance to […]