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How is Your Practice Dealing with Pre-Certification?

Pre-certs  are here to stay and the requirements are certain to increase. In some states, almost every managed care payor requires a pre-cert prior to expensive testing. The time it takes a medical office to procure a pre-cert is significant; most take 30-60 minutes and cost the practice roughly $35 to $50. Complicated surgeries require […]

Bringing Sales and Marketing to the Business of Medical Practice Management

Today, we’re excited to be recognized by Forbes Magazine!  Take a look at this Practice-Reps press release, which was published today on Forbes’ website. It provides a bit of history on Practice-Reps, and describes our services and how we bring a combination of sales and marketing to specialty medical practices that aren’t used to promoting […]

First Impressions at a Physician’s Office

I visited a new practice yesterday and came away with a distinct impression about this small solo practitioner. As you ponder the impression you make on new patients or potential referral sources, take some tips from this modest yet forward-thinking physician. The waiting room was immaculate! The walls were newly papered in muted colors with […]

Referral Cards: A Simple Way to Drive Patient-to-Patient Referrals

Looking for a relatively passive way to drive referrals? In past articles, we’ve talked about the value of patient-to-patient referrals. While physician-to-physician referrals are clearly the most viable and reliable, don’t discount the value of patient-to-patient referrals. In a recent MGMA survey, respondents reported that 86% ask their doctor when seeking health-related information or help.  […]