To drive patients and referrals to your medical practice is it better to hire your own employee or to contract with a professional marketing firm?

While this may sound like a two sided question, both the theoretical and empirical evidence support the latter.  In these articles we’ll examine the reasons, all of which have been proven by actual case studies involving past experience with our clients. And while considering all facets of the question, they generally fall into one of the following areas:



Everyone in business knows it all comes down to the bottom line. While advertising may help the average family practice, it’s a poor return on investment for the average medical specialist. To cut through the gate keepers and clutter and influence the actual decision makers in a referral source requires the human element afforded by direct marketing.

Selling your practice to other providers is not rocket science, but it does require a high caliber professional experienced in the marketing of medical specialties. And they don’t come cheap. For example, the annual income for a good pharmaceutical rep is about a hundred thousand dollars. Quality employees ultimately demand higher salaries. And to bring someone of this caliber on board usually means hiring a full time employee. We’ve found a way around this hurdle.

The average specialty practice has a catchment area of about a hundred and twenty practices within their reasonable geography. For our clients we target those providers, seeing about eight per day. At that rate all potential referral sources are quickly seen. If you’re doing this full time for a single practice, your targets are seen much too often, (Within 15 days). While marketing your practice to providers in the field needs to be done on a consistent basis, seeing them too often is not justified in the end and may in fact cause more harm than good.

Through our tailored recruitment techniques and experienced coaching we send a high-caliber part-time employee into the field to market your practice exclusively. They see about eight to ten practices in the one day per week representing you. That same employee will then market another specialty in an adjoining or non-competing area. For example, if you’re a cardiologist, our rep markets your practice part-time, and may then market a gastroenterologist in an adjoining county. We’ll spread out that employee to serve two or three practices, each on a part-time basis, until they’re working at or near full time. That way you get the representation you need by high caliber personnel managed by an experienced marketing firm. You don’t break your budget and you don’t stress over remote employees. The employee gets the salary they need, they don’t lose momentum, and they don’t get bored.

An added advantage to contracting is what you don’t take on by hiring another employee, such as advertising, interviewing, taxes, insurance, tracking, and so on. We manage all that for you. We closely monitor, challenge, and motivate your representative. And dismissing an ineffective employee can involve its own headaches. Contracting with a field marketing firm like Practice-Reps gives you turn-key marketing which you can cancel at any time.

We’re confident, however, that after you examine your options to directly market your practice you’ll find ours is the business model that works. We’re professional, experienced, and proven with a track record of success!

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