What about recruiting?

In this second of a series looking at facets of the question many medical specialists are forced to ponder in an increasingly competitive field we consider the task of recruiting the best representative to market your practice.

You may be aware of data1 supporting the increased value of referral marketing, or perhaps you’re simply following the lead of progressive hospitals as they garner increasing shares of patients within your catchment area. What many don’t realize, however, are the difficulties associated with recruiting high caliber sales people to fit the bill for the marketing of medical specialties. They’re essentially specialists in their own right; hybrids, if you will.

In a recent job board ad a prominent university hospital was recruiting a professional for the “newly created position” of Manager of Physician Liaison. That person will “be responsible for growth by earning referrals from physicians to [the] nationally recognized hospital.” This demonstrates what more hospitals are doing to drive patients to their growing corals of specialists and service providers. Job requirements for the position, which, incidentally, are far surpassed by those within Practice-Reps, include abilities in both the business and medical fields.

In the past many physicians have futilely asked clinicians to pursue sales agenda without the integral training and guidance. It’s been like jamming square pegs into round holes. The fact is there aren’t many people out there with experience in the marketing of medical practices. They need experience in sales, services and practice management. Those people are hard to find.

At Practice-Reps we understand the intricacies of working in the worlds of both business and medicine. We take our decades of knowledge and experience in sales, medical sales and practice management consulting and combine them to form a marketing team for each of our practices. We actually create your representative by constructing a position tailored to market your practice.

Although clinical people are familiar with hospitals, treating patients and so on, we recruit people with experience in sales, and more specifically, medical sales. And while we look for experience in practice management as well, we reinforce what skills they have in that area by teaching them the nuances of marketing and selling the capabilities of a medical practice. Additionally, the physician that hires a clinician to market his practice normally lacks experience in managing remote sales personnel.

Of those trying to hire their own reps many have made the assumption that pharmaceutical reps are qualified to be practice reps. But that business model is not a good fit for this reason: a pharma rep is trained to be process oriented. They go into a doctor’s office, drop off samples and get signatures. They may talk about an issue using coached buzz-words and then they leave. They’re process oriented.

On the other hand, the supply or device rep or certain other medical sales people are more results oriented. They have to gain an advance towards the end result: making a sale. We do hire some pharma reps that have business to business experience, but the pharma model really doesn’t work well for marketing medical specialty practices.

Despite that, we still see clients go alone and hire a friend, often a pharma rep. They’re not going to be able to manage that person because they can’t be objective with a friend. And their return on investment suffers by hiring an employee who’s not results oriented. They’re not going to see the same results they will with Practice-Reps.

By working with experts like our teams at Practice-Reps you enlist professionals. We know how to recruit, who to recruit, how to motivate, and how to entice them. We coach them in all aspects of marketing your practice. We collectively have over 50 years of experience in the industry. We’ve hired, trained and managed over 600 professional medical sales people for previous carriers. From experience we know what job boards work for recruiting the best reps. More importantly, we are constantly networking with the entire medical sales and marketing community, reaching out and building a reputation that enables us to recruit just the right person on almost a moment’s notice. We’re able to communicate with that unique individual in ways that will challenge and engage.

Your rep is not just someone filling a hole. The effectiveness of that person will have a direct impact on your bottom line. Your edge in competing against the hospitals and larger groups in your catchment area may hinge on this recruitment process. At Practice-Reps we’ve proven the value of hiring the right people – the first time.

Call us today at 610-323-4793. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and how referral marketing can help your bottom line.


1 Referral Programs and Customer Value – page 25 – Philipp Schmitt, Bernd Skiera and Christophe Van den Bulte, July 25, 2010

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