Practice-Reps signs agreement to market Balance Centers in New Jersey

Practice-Reps signed an agreement today to begin marketing a balance testing center in New Jersey to nursing homes, rehab centers, assisted living facilities, etc.

In the past balance testing involved a series of movements and motions which providers assumed were predictive of a patient’s propensity to fall.  These test were rather subjective and difficult to document.  New technology has enabled providers to gain a more predictive assessment based on simple noninvasive neuro, ocular, and auditory testing with computerized analysis and documentation.  This new approach allows for increased risk management and documentation with no additional costs to the patient and or institution.

Elderly falls account for more than 10,200 deaths and 1,600,000 emergency room visits annually.  Hip fractures among the elderly are expected to exceed 500,000 by 2040, currently 25% of all elderly hip fracture patients die with one year of their fall.  The rate of fall induced brain injury for patients over 80 has increased by 60% over a recent ten year period.

“This assignment combines our skills in new business development and referral marketing in the medical community.  We know the providers and institutions in this market place and we provide quick access with an intelligent understanding of the issues related to risk management and patient safety”, said Mike Ranson, Founder of Practice-Reps, llc.

“This assignment comes to us from a past client who had hired us for referral marketing for their Cardiology practice in New Jersey.  Past clients often come back to us as they introduce new providers or ancillary services to their practice.  We’re especially proud of serving past clients as they validate our service and professional approach to medical business development and referral marketing”, Said Al Romanoff, Senior advisor to Practice-Reps.

Practice-Reps continues to grow year after year and 2013 is proving to be another banner year for this unique medical marketing and business development firm.  For more information on their services go to or call 610-323-4793.

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