CASE STUDY 0026 – We look for opportunities to serve your referral sources on your behalf

We recently experienced a significant increase in referrals for one of our clients, a fertility practice in central New Jersey, and we began to look at what might have changed in our marketing efforts to spur such an increase.  As you might suspect we could not identify a single “silver bullet” to account for our good fortune, instead we found a few “nuggets” that when added up resulted in a nice bump in our referral pattern for this long established practice.

We had been calling on a nurse midwife practice for some time (10 months) and the managing nurse assured us that we would never receive a referral from them due to their loyalty to another practice in the area.  Her resistance was not mean spirited but she seemed to be adamant in her intent to support her long standing colleague in IVF.  Despite her stance we continued to call on her practice with educational materials, flyers, and the occasional meeting to discuss new advances in our practice.  After some time we began to notice a trickle of new referrals from this practice and soon we went to see them to reaffirm and support their decision to send.  Once there we were pleasantly shocked by their response as they insisted that they needed to thank us!  This new referral source received so much positive feedback about our client that they decided to switch all of their referrals to our client.  “They actually thanked us for our persistence in gaining their referrals”, said Barbara Derogatis of Practice-Reps.

This same client began to hear feedback from the field on another matter; sperm analysis.  It seems referral sources were frustrated with their efforts to have their patient’s infertility issues addressed by specialists who could analyze the patient’s sperm count and viability due to poor reimbursement for most providers.  We assured them that we would be happy to care for these patients despite the low fee as a part of our commitment to their patients with fertility issues.  Yes, it proved true that this procedure was a “low pay” treatment but we were quickly rewarded with numerous “high pay” procedures which more than made up the difference.

Our new referral nuggets included listening to the subtle, less overt, needs of the referral sources and responding to them in a timely basis.  Our pleasant persistence paid off with this and other clients when others may have turned away from such rejection.

Listening skills, follow up, and persistence are just some of the skills you will find with professional representatives from Practice-Reps.  We’re trained in professional sales skills and we continually coach the art of medical practice referral marketing.  Let us put our skills to work for you.

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