Referral Rep Training for your employees

After multiple requests from many of our clients we’ve finally developed a field marketers training program designed specifically for your employees!

1) Training. Now we’ll take our 20 years of knowledge and experience in referral marketing and train your employee in the best practices in field marketing. This person remains as your employee and you can manage them to serve you and the needs of your medical community as you grow your practice.

2) Recruiting and Training. Another option is to allow us to recruit, hire, and train your new employee for this position. Recruiting and hiring is key to filling any important position and after 20 years we know just what this hiring profile should look like. Let us use our experience to recruit , interview, hire, and train your new employee. When complete, you’ll have a capable and motivated employee who is able to hit the ground running to gain new preferred referrals for you!

As always we’ll retain our turn-key option of offering our trained employees to you on an on-going basis. These folks are hired trained and managed by us and we’re responsible for any turn over as well as on going training and motivation/management of these folks.

Some providers are simply more comfortable with the control and management of a direct employee. Now you can have this along with the experience of training from the leaders in the field of referral marketing representation.

Call today for pricing. Let us show you the affordability and return on investment of this powerful marketing approach!

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