Practice-Reps recently signed two new agreements with clients in Southern New Jersey.

A four man neck and spine practice signed an agreement for part time marketing throughout south and central New Jersey with a focus on field referral marketing to the medical community and attorney’s offices.  “With 5 offices from Princeton to Sewell we expect to have a significant impact in clinical referrals as well as legal referrals related to automobile accidents for this important client”  Said Michael Ranson, Managing Partner of Practice-Reps.  “We do have good experience in the workman’s comp arena with other clients and we expect that these skills should easily transfer to the legal community as we strive to drive new referrals from this Lawyers involved in court cases related to auto accidents and slip and fall” commented Al Romanoff, Senior Advisor to Practice-Reps.

“The administrator for this client made it very clear to the board that she had no experience in recruiting and managing remote sales people and the task fell directly into our skill set”.  We’re glad to be of help as we strive to see that patients get the clinical benefits of this well trained and committed group of local surgeon” said Ranson.

A large 22 man Cardiology practice also signed on in October after months of discussion’s and consideration by their board.  This is the largest privately owned Cardiology practice in all of south Jersey.  While they are associated with five hospitals here, they realized that the local hospital liaisons were focused more on the hospital service line of cardiology rather than individual practices.  Hospitals often give the impression that they are marketing your practice but in fact they are marketing all groups associated with that service line in the community.  “In this scenario the hospital wins regardless of which practice grows.   You need to ask yourself …who is looking out for your practice?” Commented Romanoff.

Many of our clients experience a 40% growth (avg.), after just 12 months with our services.  We recently concluded another engagement with a local practice where we saw a 17% growth in the first four months alone before the practice was purchased by another entity.

“Our success is the result of decades of experience in this industry.  We know exactly who to hire, how to recruit and train them, and most importantly how to manage them to gain the best return on investment for our clients.  Yes we have turn over just as any employer but we’re responsible for that.  It’s our job, at our cost, to make sure you have the right rep making the right calls in the right area that result in new referrals for your practice” says Ranson.

For more information on Practice-Reps turn-key marketing or their new “train your rep” program contact Mike Ranson at 610-310-1621 or see them on line at

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