The importance of consistent messaging.

We have a relatively new client who commented recently that he sees the same messaging on many of reports and he didn’t understand why.

This large cardiology practice has a very active, marketing savvy, group of physicians and administration who routinely go out into the community to meet with their referral sources.  One physician in particular seems to enjoy this role and he regularly takes his chief administrator with him to conduct lunch and learns and referral meetings in general.  Despite this participation they brought us on to augment and enhance their field efforts.

Recently we submitted a report detailing our efforts with on a particular day where we detailed the capabilities and unique skills of our client including their ancillary services and pre certification support to several practices in the local catchment area.  Many of these practices responded with surprise and interest when we mentioned a particular service surrounding PET scan imaging and the required pre certification process.  In fact we heard this time and again that day where most referring offices were unaware of this service from our client.

When we reported these findings to the administrator he seemed quite surprised and did not understand how these providers were unaware of these services as he himself had recently discussed this with many of the same offices we saw that day.  “I met with this practice myself just three months ago and told them about our Pre-cert support and yet now they claim they were unaware of this?” asked the administrator.  “How is this possible?”

I reminded our client that behavioral science studies prove that it takes 7 points of contact, at a minimum, for most people to hear and absorb your messaging.  Repetition is key in advertising and marketing and you need to reiterate your message many times over to the same person before they truly hear, absorb, and appreciate what you are trying to say.  Now multiply this by numerous providers and staff in a single medical practice and it’s easy to see why we need to reinforce, reiterate, re-position, and repeat the same message several times before referral sources truly “hear us”.

I joke with clients and tell them it’s similar to telling your spouse that you love them.  You can’t say it just once, you need to repeat it and reinforce many times in multiple ways for the message to be truly received and appreciated.

This is what we do.  We get your message through so that referral sources know just how great you are!  Give us a call at 610-310-1621

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