Lean Six Sigma on Referral Marketing

Alice Jarvis, PhD, is a lean six sigma management consultant who focuses on change management and continuous improvement for companies large and small here in the United States. (www.alicejarvis.com) Alice was recently working with a large ophthalmology practice in the Mid-Atlantic States when she called to see if we could be of help to her client. As a business consultant Alice believes in the social behavioral concept of building trust and relationships that lead to mutual support in the business world. Alice is accustomed to working with sales and marketing teams and she sees clearly the value we bring as field marketers for the medical practice. Alice offered her unsolicited recommendation of our firm to her client in the following text from her final report for the client

Endorsement by Alice Jarvis,PhD, Six Sigma management consultant:

Services“You do not depend on do-it-yourself web design or have a full time lawyer; you hire specialists in those fields. No one in the practice is trained as a sales person; this job should not be a do-it-yourself activity either. It is the foundation of maintaining and growing your profitability. It is not something that should be done without a strategy, sporadically, with ad-hoc activities, by amateurs.

Having physicians take time away from providing care and spending that time drumming up business is not a wise use of limited resources. Physician’s time is too valuable. They should spend as much time as possible providing care and generating revenue. A sales professional will know when a valuable activity such as presenting at professional meetings will be useful.

Pharmaceutical companies have proven the value of having drug reps call on physicians. Hospitals and other large medical organizations are now using full time practice reps who operate on the drug rep model. You do not have need for a full time sales rep so I strongly recommend using the services of a company that can provide this service.  A practice rep is the only viable route I can see for a dramatic growth in the number of new patients especially while you are putting stress on the relationships in the OD segment.

Practice Reps operates in this geographic area. I called them and Michael Ranson is your contact person:

Michael Ranson
Managing Partner
He would appreciate having an opportunity to present to you.

Practice Reps will charge you per sales call. There is no long-term contract and the service can be stopped or restarted at will. They are confident enough in their work and in the objective evidence of effectiveness that no long-term contract is necessary. Individual in-person calls by your sales rep will cost $__each and you will see a very high return on investment and a short pay-back time.

A sales rep will be assigned to represent you and only you in this catchment area.  They will use your business cards, and the referrers will see them as your representative, not an employee of Practice Reps.

Practice Reps’s claimed experience is that the typical specialty practice sees:

  • within 90 days, a significant increase in referrals from doctors who have already referred some patients. Within 180 days new practices will be sending.
  • within 12 months a 40% increase in referrals

Most Practices ask for 20-60 calls/month.  You can track the referrals you receive and easily monitor the return on your investment.”

Call today for a list of references from our past clients and to learn more about our approach to part time referral marketing for your practice.
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