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We provide the latest trends, practice tips, and best practices in the field of medical practice marketing/physician liaison marketing/referral marketing. We hope you’ll benefit from our ideas about how to engage and educate your patients and referral sources.  Feel free to submit your own ideas in the comments!

About the Authors:

With 16 years of experience, Practice-Reps is the expert in Specialty Medical Practice Marketing.

Founder Mike Ranson has spent the majority of his career in the medical device industry with companies such as Cordis and Bard, where he enjoyed increasing levels of responsibility. He quickly rose from Sales Management to Director of Marketing, and finally, VP of Sales and Marketing for numerous manufacturers of implantable devices. Mike’s experience includes establishing regional, national, and international marketing efforts for Fortune 500 companies, as well as several start-ups, including three of his own companies. His experience in coaching and mentoring polished, professional representatives has allowed him to create a team of educated professionals who are skilled in the art of specialty practice marketing.

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