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Is your marketing rep productive? How can you tell?

We have clients call us regularly who complain that they can’t tell if their rep is productive or not. Obviously new referrals would indicate productivity but what do you do in the meantime, before referrals begin to come in, to determine your reps effectiveness? After all, you could waste six months of income and benefits […]

Where do referrals really come from?

A multi Hospital System here in Pennsylvania recently polled 816 patients asking; “How did you find our specialists?” The results were not surprising to us. 84% responded “My primary care doctor sent me here.” 12% responded “Friends and family suggested this doctor to me” 4% responded “Media”, meaning TV, Radio, print ads, etc These are […]

More and more specialists are finding the value in the Practice-Reps approach to medical practice marketing.

March was a busy month for us at Practice-Reps with multiple new clients signing on here in the Mid-Atlantic as well as South East. Practice-Reps Atlanta has hired additional staff in response to their recent signing with GI Specialists of Georgia, a 22 provider GI group with multiple endoscopy centers. An established Thoracic practice is […]

Part 2 of 2: Before Abandoning Your Satellite Office, Use Your Practice Rep

Continuing our discussion of how to promote your satellite office, let’s talk about some creative strategies you can employ that require little investment. Many satellites fail because of their limited hours. Referring doctors often wonder about the commitment to the satellite when it’s hard to schedule patients.  Each week, have a staffer send an e-mail […]

Part 1 of 2: Before Abandoning Your Satellite Office, Think Representation

When we engage in the marketing audit process with practices, we often find that they once had a satellite office in an outlying area that failed.  Doctors become frustrated with driving to the satellite office to consult with just 2 or 3 patients and usually abandon the satellite office within the first year. The reason […]

The Scientific Method & Marketing

Below are the fundamental steps required for the scientific method of basic medical research. Virtually anyone who has studied science or medicine is familiar with this process and yet very few recognize its application when marketing their medical practice. – Ask a Question – Do Background Research – Construct a Hypothesis – Test Your Hypothesis […]

“Bill Gates Started Microsoft in a Recession”

I saw this message on a billboard the other day: Bill Gates started Microsoft in a recession. There was no sponsor listed, but I thought it was a rather inspiring and true message. And over the past year, I’ve continually heard that those who get ahead during, and more importantly, after a recession are those […]

One Equals Fifteen: How to Handle Complaints

Once again I feel compelled to speak about the issue of complaint handling at medical practices.  In our capacity as field marketers for specialty practices, it’s our role to survey referral sources on the quality of our clients’ clinical and administrative services. As such, we are often the first line of fire when hearing complaints […]

How is Your Practice Dealing with Pre-Certification?

Pre-certs  are here to stay and the requirements are certain to increase. In some states, almost every managed care payor requires a pre-cert prior to expensive testing. The time it takes a medical office to procure a pre-cert is significant; most take 30-60 minutes and cost the practice roughly $35 to $50. Complicated surgeries require […]

First Impressions at a Physician’s Office

I visited a new practice yesterday and came away with a distinct impression about this small solo practitioner. As you ponder the impression you make on new patients or potential referral sources, take some tips from this modest yet forward-thinking physician. The waiting room was immaculate! The walls were newly papered in muted colors with […]