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Is your marketing rep productive? How can you tell?

We have clients call us regularly who complain that they can’t tell if their rep is productive or not. Obviously new referrals would indicate productivity but what do you do in the meantime, before referrals begin to come in, to determine your reps effectiveness? After all, you could waste six months of income and benefits […]

The Scientific Method & Marketing

Below are the fundamental steps required for the scientific method of basic medical research. Virtually anyone who has studied science or medicine is familiar with this process and yet very few recognize its application when marketing their medical practice. – Ask a Question – Do Background Research – Construct a Hypothesis – Test Your Hypothesis […]

Referral Cards: A Simple Way to Drive Patient-to-Patient Referrals

Looking for a relatively passive way to drive referrals? In past articles, we’ve talked about the value of patient-to-patient referrals. While physician-to-physician referrals are clearly the most viable and reliable, don’t discount the value of patient-to-patient referrals. In a recent MGMA survey, respondents reported that 86% ask their doctor when seeking health-related information or help.  […]

Thoughts on Advertising as Part of Your Strategic Marketing Plan: ROI

Some months ago, we were asked to advertise in a charity booklet with a target audience of 400 people who would be attending the charity ball. Most of the ball attendees were potential clients for our firm. The quarter-page ad allowed us to publish our black and white logo along with a two-line message of […]

Driving Patient-to-Patient Referrals via the Internet

The September 2009 issue of MGMA Connexion includes a report on “where Americans look for information or assistance when dealing with health or medical issues.” The results were as follows: • 86% ask a doctor or other health professional • 68% ask a friend or family member • 57% use the internet • 54% use books or […]

Brand Your Staff

These days, it’s hard to imagine a workplace trying to force their staff to wear uniforms, but doctors’ offices can be the exception. While clinical staff may be used to wearing lab coats or scrubs (which can be branded with your practice logo or hospital affiliation), the front office staff is often left out of […]

More on “Mystery Patients”

A couple weeks ago, we posted a tip about using a “mystery shopper” to objectively evaluate your practice. Here’s some more information about why you should consider this and what they can evaluate for you. There’s a common theory in business that says for every one client complaint you hear about, there are actually 14 […]

Think About Your Web Presence (and Twitter)

Back in April, my health insurance changed and I had to select a new primary care doctor. Where to start? I skimmed through my provider’s online director of PCPs, overwhelmed at the prospect of choosing a random physician with no information other than a name and a location. So how did I choose? I found […]

Need Convincing? Why Market Your Practice in the First Place

We’ve run into more than a few physicians who don’t see the value of marketing their practice, who think it’s going to make them see less credible in the eyes of their colleagues, etc. To that we say: think about marketing simply as a way to educate the community about yourself, your specialty, and your […]

Make Promotional Items Work for You

Here’s a follow-up to something I mentioned in an article a few weeks ago. I pointed out that “branded” promotional items can help you endear your practice to your referral sources. Sure, these items are things that drug companies used to deliver to your office by the case load, but they don’t need to be […]