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One Equals Fifteen: How to Handle Complaints

Once again I feel compelled to speak about the issue of complaint handling at medical practices.  In our capacity as field marketers for specialty practices, it’s our role to survey referral sources on the quality of our clients’ clinical and administrative services. As such, we are often the first line of fire when hearing complaints […]

First Impressions at a Physician’s Office

I visited a new practice yesterday and came away with a distinct impression about this small solo practitioner. As you ponder the impression you make on new patients or potential referral sources, take some tips from this modest yet forward-thinking physician. The waiting room was immaculate! The walls were newly papered in muted colors with […]

Thoughts on Advertising as Part of Your Strategic Marketing Plan: ROI

Some months ago, we were asked to advertise in a charity booklet with a target audience of 400 people who would be attending the charity ball. Most of the ball attendees were potential clients for our firm. The quarter-page ad allowed us to publish our black and white logo along with a two-line message of […]

Your Medical Practice’s HR Strategy

Practice Administrators – today, we’re discussing your practice’s human resources strategy, and how evaluating the performance of your employees benefits them and you. You read a lot about employee retention practices — how to get your team motivated and on-board with your new initiatives, how to build team-work and cooperation, etc.  But you seldom read […]

Quick Tip: Invite Your Friends Over

Doctors – here’s a quick tip that’s likely to increase your referrals. Invite your referral sources to your practice to view your procedures, surgery, newest capability, or equipment. Referral sources love to be a part of the solution. Many have not had the opportunity to view the procedures you are performing for them and this […]

Quick Tip: Get Objective Feedback on Your Practice

Practice administrators — consider a bi-yearly “mystery shopper” for your practice. It’s the same concept that’s used in the retail world. A mystery shopper provides you with an objective, anonymous assessment of your staff from the patient’s perspective. Research shows that 87% of patients leave a practice due to “feeling that the staff doesn’t care,” […]

Try Targeted Mailers

Are you looking to spice up your direct mail campaigns? Try symptom-specific mailings. We know from experience that these are highly effective when marketing to the general public. Work with your marketing team to develop mailers that are specific to the symptoms of the ailments you treat. Make them education and make sure there is […]

Solicit Feedback from Referrers, Patients, and Employees

If you aren’t surveying your referrers, patients (past and current), and employees, you’re missing out on information critical to the success of your practice. When you take the time to listen to these important groups, you’ll not only gain valuable insights about your practice – you’ll also enhance these relationships. Give them a chance to […]

Consider a Speaking Opportunity

Here’s a tip to help your practice reach new patients. Consider having the physicians in your office speak at local community centers. Speaking engagements are a powerful, effective way to reach and educate new patients in a personal setting. Contact local retirement communities to make yourself available for lectures to residents. Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, […]

Staying in Touch = More Referrals

A practice can spend thousands of dollars to attract the right referrals.  Then they treat them with the latest technologies and quality care only to allow them to leave the practice without any follow up communication.  Newsletters, surveys, and articles of interest to your patients keep your practice “top of mind” with your former patients…those […]