Why We're Different

Simply put, we have the experience and track record to help you grow your practice through new referrals.

We are different because we are highly trained and experienced in the field of practice representation / physician liaison marketing. This is still an emerging field in medical practice support and there are very few people who can match our level of experience and training for this sensitive position. We've undergone many years of training in sales, marketing, negotiation, and behavioral science to enable us to represent you and grow your practice in an ethical and professional manner.

We hire, train, mentor, and manage a dedicated rep for each of our clients. This works especially well for practices that aren't used to managing remote employees'. That is where we come in. We manage each rep's goals, activities, and accountability, ensuring that they gain results for our clients.

Some marketing firms treat you the same as any other business they market. They market you just as they would a home improvement firm, flower shop, or any other commercial entity with a series of print ads, radio spots, and brochures. At Practice-Reps, we know that the surest way to grow you practice is with a personal focus on your potential referral network. We come from medicine, we speak the language, and we market directly to the surest return on your investment dollars…your referring physicians.

Other marketing firms try to be all things to all people in all geographies. They claim that they can help you with "virtual house calls" over the phone, one day on-site consultations, or seminars where they claim to teach you all you need to know about marketing…in two days. The problem is that it is then your responsibility to implement and manage the entire marketing process (with what time?).

At Practice-Reps, we do your marketing for you! Our liaison is in your office on a weekly basis works in your community with your referrals. Essentially, we become a part of your staff on a part-time contract basis. And we have a proven track record of success. Learn more by reading our case studies.

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